Temperature Logger

Temperature Logger 2.1

It allows you to configure the Temperature Logging System
2.1 (See all)
Arexx Engineering

Temperature Logger is a software tool which allows you to install the Temperature Logging System.
As soon as the installation of the driver is finished, you can start the Temperature logging
system application. You can start the program through the main menu: Start->All programs->Temperature logger->Temperature logger.

On the left side the program shows the (empty until now) sensor list. The right side shows a graphic reproduction of the course of the temperatures measured. At the bottom on the left side of the screen you see a status bar mentioning ‘ready’.

The temperature details are received and stored as long as Windows is operating. Therefore it is not necessary to start the Temperature Logger program to collect new data.

This program has the following functions:

- Graphical display of the measured temperatures of each sensor
- Maintenance of the settings per sensor
- Export of data in many formats

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